Scam report about Sherry Howel

First name:  Sherry
Last name:  Howel
Aka:  Sherry Howels
Age:  30
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:  Facebook, MySpace
Report:  I was contacted by this girl on Facebook around April of 2011. Very attractive girl who is an American from the state of Idaho living in Lagos,Nigeria. I was skeptical at first getting in contact with this person because I had it happen to me before whereby a very attractive girl contacted me on Facebook asking for money to pay her internet bill. So I started to converse with this girl via instant messaging on Facebook. Seemed okay,so we decided to chat with me using MSN Messenger and her using Yahoo. After a week or so she started sending me photos of what appeared to be professional modeling pictures. Then soon after nude pictures were being sent,and I thought WOW!! As things progressed,she started asking money for internet bills,medical aid,drugs for malaria or PMS pains,money for food,books for a course,etc. I did give her money for these things as that's the kind of person I am. Never occured to me that I was being scammed until I noticed something else on Facebook. There was someone else using the same pictures as was sent to me only under a different name. So I started looking on the internet on the stop scammer sites,and I found the pictures that were sent to me on your site. They were pictures of an American internet porn star named Melissa Harrington. Professionally known as Melissa Midwest. So I confronted her about what I had found,and she told me that Melissa is her twin sister. I have an investigative mind,so I did all the research I could on Melissa Harrington and couldn't find any evidence that she has a twin sister. This person said she grew up in Idaho,and I found out that Melissa grew up and lives in Nebraska,so the information I was getting was not matching what I found out about Melissa. I also found out that Melissa is no longer doing internet porn and that the pictures being used are old! I just want to thank you for giving me what I needed to prove that this person is a scammer. I've broken off all contact,and by sending this report to you,hopefully it will save someone else from losing hard earned money to these thiefs.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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