Scam report about ANNIE WALKER

First name:  ANNIE
Last name:  WALKER
Age:  31
On websites:  UNKNOWN
Report:  Hi my only love!!! Here in Poland late in the evening, I again asked for a computer to write you a new message. I have a lot of news today! First I want to say that I'm good and I already recovering. All of my bruises and abrasions heal quickly. My doctor said that soon I will be absolutely healthy. I get a good grooming in the hospital, I was glad of it. Two nurses always listen to my requests and execute them. I am glad that you do not see me now, because you would not love me if you saw what I state. There are a few scratches on my face, but they soon healed. Do you still love me? You do not give up on me? I hope that you wait for me and supporting me. Unfortunately I do not have good news here, except that I'll soon be discharged from the hospital. Today I had a conversation with my insurance company and the U.S. Embassy. U.S. Embassy told me that they will help me to leave Poland and return to the U.S., but they are not able to help me with the payment of health insurance. I'm glad that one of my problems solved, and as soon as I'll deal with payment for medical treatment, people from the Embassy help me to return to the United States. The very big problem is that the insurance company can not pay for my treatment in Poland, such a clause does not provide insurance, should I pay for my treatment itself, and when I get back to the U.S. my insurance company pay all my expenses if I give them the appropriate document. Now you know how I'm upset? Lost all my documents and I can not pay for my own treatment. I contacted my mom, she said she does not have that kind of money now, because that was a lot of spending in the Christmas holidays and New Year. My mother is very worried about me and I will try to help as he can. I was not more to go. I will leave the hospital after 3 days. At the hospital they told me that I should pay the hospital $2670 US and they will give me a document confirming that I have no debts in Poland. If I have debts here in Poland, I can not go back to the U.S.. This is a very difficult situation for me, I can not get my own money until you return to the United States. I am ashamed to ask you for help, but you are very close to my man and I want vas asked to help me with this. My insurance company will return my money when I get back home and I'll return once all the money to you. I promise you that you'll get your money back as soon as I return to the United States. I have money in my bank account and as soon as I recover my documents, I will be able to return your money. I want you to think about it! I would never have asked you for money, if not for this situation. I hope that I can rely on you, I'll be very happy if you help me! You'll save me! Otherwise I would not be able to return to the United States. Do you understand me? If you want to help me and send the money, I'll find a way to transfer money to me here in Poland! Here I have known people who could receive the money and send them to me. If you can not send me $2670 US, then say how much you can send? For me now, any amount of useful, so I can collect all the money as soon as possible. I really want to go home, because I have not seen more than a month my mother and me for each day of unbearable here. I'm all alone. I miss you, I really want to see you, I love you! I hope that together we will solve this problem and very soon I will be back home. I hope you'll write me some good news in your next letter. If you can not help me, I'll understand it! I lost your phone number along with all my things, so I ask you to write me your phone number so I can call you as soon as I get the chance. I miss you and love you. The idea that we will soon meet to help me have a good mood here! I want to thank you for your support me, and you're still with me! I am waiting for your letter with impatience. Your princess (still hope) Annie Walker!

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