Scam report about Irene Mensah

First name:  Irene
Last name:  Mensah
Aka: Sweetmother Irene wood
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana City
Email:  irenelove56@yahoo,com also on facebook
On websites:  Facebook,
Report:  I met her on facebook originally then we shifted to yahoo, she kept asking me to send her money to buy her foodstuff and to make herself look good, Clothes and other stuff. She sent me several photos and corresponded many times with me. She got mad last week because I did not send he rmoney for a plane ticket to come to the US To be with me. Focus was always on me sending her money all about herself.. She has several different stories on sites says she went to Ghana for Nursing, said she is in School, says she stays with an Uncle there needs money for her computer and phone and something new each time. Last talked to her December 31st.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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