Scam report about Mary Shelma

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Shelma
Age:  30
Location:  baltiysk russia
Address:  238521
Report:  The scammer had started the contact. I had received a message in my inbox that seemed legitimate like she found me from a dating site which I try once in awhile. It went back and forth with messages starting from the beginning of December until now in January . I noticed every message had a theme and pattern. It vaguely responded to messages in a way. The money request when the scammer wanted to come see me. No money was sent. I'm just reporting to scammer to prevent the next victim for taking this seriously and getting disappointed over a scammer before it becomes obvious and too late . I just tested and experimented to see how the scammer would respond if I didn't want to give money. Just seemed to keep egging on with those prewritten messages and until finally really let the scammer know and pissed them off that they stopped messages. It revealed their true incentive.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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