Scam report about Jessica Dionne

First name:  Jessica
Last name:  Dionne
Aka:  Doelove
Age:  29
Location:  Ghana
Report:  Contacted me at my messenger address about 6 weeks ago,asked her where she got it,she said from a site which Im not on.never asked for anythingthen but fell in love very fast,first wanting me to go to visit her asnd do her paperwork so she cud fly back with me.When I agreed to this after a couple of weeks,it was its too expensive for that and will be better if I send her the money for a passport,visa and medical.Found out she doesnt need a medical to visit and teh cost of the others were far less than she wanted,told her this but she said things were different there to here,but these figures I got were from the embassys concerned.She sent me an email with another person ID attatched also,so I emailed this person who got back to me with pics of her saying she had tried the exact thing with him and the same letters she sent me,I told her I had found out about this,at first she denied it all,so I sent her the piuc and letter the other gut sent me,then she admitted it said she used to do that but not anymore and really wanted to be with me.So,maybe it was true,gave her the benefit of the doubt and agreed to go there and fetch her.ok till 2 days ago whe it was back to she;ll get the papers done b4 I get there 2 save time and be together more,said no to thatand would chat to her later cos I had to go outmshe went offline,i went to get ready,before Id gone she was online again thinking I was out,for 1hr 23mins.Next day when i spoke to her,she said she went straight to sleep after our chat ,i told her I saw her online ,which at forst was denied,then maybe she was but she couldnt remember being on there,so I said Id had enough and bye.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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