Scam report about Gift Anderson

First name:  Gift
Last name:  Anderson
Aka:  AKA Gifty Agbery
Age:  15-18 years old
Location:  Agona Swedru
On websites:  Mate1
Report:  While replying to email on Mate1 dating website, pop-up comes up, says she saw my profile, wants to chat, says she's looking for someone true, I accepted. Right away she she claims she was a Christian with wishes for love and husband. She sent photos. I asked her revealing questions she took over several minustes to answer about her age and her address. I asked her what year was she born. She said 1980. I asked how old would that make you? She said, I hope uh...minutes later...31. I knew something screwy was going on. I asked her what school did she go to. She said mj chritingen elementary school for 22 years. I said what? I was referring to highschool. You're taliking about elementary school. She said Why are you doing to this to me? I said you're just a little girl and you're a liar, liar, liar! She said her parents got killed in a car accident. And she lives with her grandmother. When I asked for photos of her gifty said she doesnt have a camera. I asked what aboutnyour phone. She said nothing. She received an email from a stranger using my address she answerd to Friday morning December 6, 2012. That was the last I heard fro her. She asked for marriage, gave me the city where she lives in Ghana, Agona Swedru. I looked up the continent Ghana and the city and found out she's part of a large dating scam organization working out of Ghana.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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