Scam report about Elizebeth Steve

First name:  Elizebeth
Last name:  Steve
Age:  30
Location:  Somolu, Nigeria Ikeja, Nigeria
On websites:;
Report:  Contacted me on Presented as Elizebeth Steve and later told me her last name was Guadagsteve. She used the email address babybear26061981@yahoo and represented herself to be a student at Lagos University in Nigeria, on transfer from Univ of Hawaii. She asked for birthday presents and we began corresponding. Very shortly she proclaimed that we were meant to be soul mates and she would visit the US when her studies were completed in December 2011. She then asked for money for groceries and her exam fee of $375 to complete her exams so she could leave Nigeria at the end of school term. I foolishly bought her story and subsequently also sent $800 to help with her plane fare to the US through Amsterdam on KLM airlines. She also needed $500 to board the KLM flight (which I subsequently found was a lie). Before she reached the airport, she had a taxi accident in which the driver was killed, and she was hospitalized. She did not ask for hospital expenses, but needed another $500 for travel b/c the first $500 was stolen in the accident. I questioned her extensively, and found out in this process that she did not have a US passport, as she had previously represented to me, and she was traveling under a German passport by the name

Status of report:  is still without proof

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