Scam report about ARIANA VERGARA

First name:  ARIANA
Last name:  VERGARA
Age:  IT SAYS ITS BORN ON 24/9/86
Phone:  many
Email:  too many to list
On websites:  most sex cam and date sites
Report:  1st contact was through email ,told me she recieved it through spam mail, then asked if i would like to become friends on a chat site,we spoke for several weeks,, and it was going all good as i was told she was a nurse but now worked in a telecommunication call center, then she got sick and it all started to just sound way too far fetched,was asking for money always for hospital visits, medicine,and many other things,(daily needs) every place where she said she worked or trained i called but they had never heard of her,she sent me many scanned pictures of bank card, passport, nurse id,and call centre id, but when i checked it online , not one of them were anything like the real items, so i just continued to humour myself and play along to see how far she would try her luck,but when a friend told me that she had seen her on many dating sites ,i started looking myself and found many sites and information about her scamming ways,and when she noticed i wasnt as easy to trick she just disappeared from all the chat sites ,well the profiles she used with me anyway,sites she uses are yahoo messenger chat with cam and also skype,plus the many other sites i later found her on, ARIANA CENIZA VERGARA

Status of report:  is still without proof

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