Scam report about Barbara Mills

First name:  Barbara
Last name:  Mills
Aka:  Linda Mensah
Age:  32
Location:  Swedru ghana
Phone:  +233542883115
On websites:,, and more i dont remember
Report:  i met her in june 2011 from beginning she loved me,she was on girlsdateforfree she wanted me to get off all sites so would she and make a yahoo site for us only, she said dad died and her and mum moved to ghana because mum came from there i read the report i found on this site and the man who wrote that out described her perfectly, the exact same way i would, anyway she cant wait to be with me and needs me to pay for every thing i already have been taken for about $1000 and one day when we were talking i told her i had kept all mail and chats we had from beginning and she didnt seem to like that idea, i started checking out sites and found her on one than another one and so on different names everywhere and even more than 1 profile on some sites.even when i tell her i cant afford to send any money and im getting behind on bills she will insist i send her money, i gave her all my proof and she says someone is scamming with her pics she knows nothing, her behaviour is what got me looking in first place, she dont like a question the net fucks up, she never wants to answer anything, she ignores almost all i say

Status of report:  is still without proof

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