SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Nataliya Saveleva

First name: Nataliya
Last name: Saveleva
Age: 35 (stated)
Location: Arkhangelsk, Russia
Address: unknown n/a
Phone: unknown n/a
On websites: n/a
Report:     This woman contacted me cold last September, 2011. How she came across my name was never disclosed. She seemed intelligent and had a passable knowledge of English. She claimed to have come from a family of professionals and wrote passable poetry (maybe not hers). She often sent me photos taken of her (nothing particularly suggestive but did hint of sexual content soon to come). She asked for financial help in traveling to California, visa costs, and upfront money to get through U.S. customs. I finally asked her to refund money given her and moved on. No Answer so far. I never make contacts via the internet, am a highly experienced traveler (including to Russia), and have never come into contact with a scammer so a bit naive. She looks a bit like the Natalia Saveleva on this site (blonde, etc.) but it's not the same woman.
Status of report: is still without proof