SCAM REPORT ABOUT  tiffany brooks

First name: tiffany
Last name: brooks
Age: varies from 30 to 34
Location: Nigeria, legos
On websites: Yahoo and mylife
Report:     Tiffany is very beautiful and really makes her story seem real until she starts having one major problem after another. For example after I had sent her some money she suddenly came down with malaria, sure enough a week later fully recovered we started to IM each other again me being totally ignorant she convinced me to send her more money for a plane ticket to the states and I did. I went to the airport on the designated date and waited for several hours before the custom official came out and told me there was no body else left in customs. What a long drive I had on my way home. A couple of days later I recieved a phone call from her attorney saying she had been arrested at Legos International Airport with narcotics in her carry-on and she needed money for bail. Of course these drugs had been smuggled on unknowingly to her from the hotel manager were she was staying. At this point I promptly asked for some sort of proof of her ID. In the end I am out $3200 and I would love for her and fellows to come to justice. She is in league with at least one or two men. I had actually spoken to her via phone early in our courtship. Supposedly she is from England but I had called her out on her New Zealand accent. This thing is bad news and I will do what I can to bring her to justice. I know now that I will not see my money but if I can prevent other men from falling in to her trap I will be satisfied.
Status of report: is still without proof