Scam report about Sherry Howel

First name:  Sherry
Last name:  Howel
Aka:  Sherry Howels
Age:  30
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:  Facebook, MySpace
Report:  Adding to the Sherry Howel story! She told me that she went to live with her grandmother in Lagos, Nigeria after the passing of both her parents. Grandmother got sick and needed money for blood. Eventually passing away because she didn't receive the blood that she needed. Now here is where is gets interesting! To lure me in and keep me interested,I was told that there will be a substantial amount of money coming from her father's estate in excess of a million dollars. So she needs a certain amount of money to open up a bank account for the money to be deposited,or needs my credit card information so the money can be deposited that way. Each time the conversaton comes up about her bank account,the amount to open the account increases. So in reading several stories on your site on what information the scammers have told others,there is definately a trend,and this is what led me to believe I was being scammed. An American woman whose parents have both passed away going to live with a relative in Nigeria. Using pictures of a very attractive American internet porn star to keep me interested! Thoughts of a large amount of money being shared by the both of us so we can live happily ever after. Fell in love with me in about a week! Needing money for all sorts of things from taxi cabs to paying a photographer to take pictures of her to send to me,which I found out were actually pictures of Melissa Midwest an American internet porn star. The whole time telling me how good a Christian she is. I'm quite sure that God will have a place for her when she arrives and it won't be heaven! In closing, I would like to thank you for all the information on your site that I needed to prove I was dealing with a scammer. Unfortunately I will never be able to get back the money I lost,but if it keeps someone else from losing their money,it will be worth it! I believe in the saying

Status of report:  is still without proof

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