Scam report about festus k. asiamah

First name:  festus k.
Last name:  asiamah
Aka:  male
Age:  about 27 to 30
Location:  ghana , accra
On websites:  all differents site to meet girls , or looking for guys as they are girls.
Report:  dickson moday and festus k asiamah , are working for a while . making belive they are girls ,they never show they faces and also they make it belive they have problem with they cam . they are working toghether with a person , acting as a lawyer name barrister john koffi. well know as a scammer. they have people in germany , hamburg were they keep a metal box . with a lot of money. they contact you as a girl .and they send pics and they after a while they tell you , making belive they are as example jennifer mark asare . wich they parents die. and they used people in spain making belive the girl is in spain that way you dont think she is part of a scam. after a while , she ask for food money , and she said please send it to my brother in ghana , accra he will send it to me. them she comes with the theory of her family treasure she had , because her late father left it to her because she is next to kind. they inpress you with the huge amount she had in storage in ghana, accra , they storage is real . and the money in germany to , but mr. barrister john koffi . had many guys working alone with festus k asiamah and lyere dickson or dickson lyere . also they had a guy in germany name brad tony . he is the one who meet you in hamburg . after you send for the box , right after they ask you to paid for a shipment andright after storage , and so so once they know you are getting to get the metal box your girl give you the combination of the locks and when you opend it the liquid inside wich they used to clean the money of the solution wich protect then money to dont get old and damage , because they keep the money in a storage. they should you the bottle with a dry solution , they tell you they only place the make that solution is in ingland , he tell you he are going to see h ow much is for the solution . and he call you and tell you is about 250,000.00 pounds. they keep find it a problems and problems . onces they know you dont have money they will stop calling you or bother you . good advice never trust a person from africa because they hate white people so much because they are comming to the new world as slaves.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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