Scam report about lyudmila 

First name:  lyudmila
Aka:  angel, alena lavender,alsu muhamethanova,ekaterina musinova, veronica semyachkova
Age:  depends on what name she is using
Location:  russia-sergeevka, krasnoyarsk, st. petersburg
On websites:  probably all over...this women is slick
Report:  showed up in my email 7-12-2011. very lovely photo's. wrote back to inquire where she got my email address. 10-12-2011 writes back she can't remember what site she got it from. alert 1, i have never put my name on any kind of site. she states she is going to send more non-public pics. she got my curiousity up at this point....told her to knock herself out on the pics...also told her i was 65yrs old. 1-16-2012 more photo's (great) same letters and info as on letters posted here already on several of the aka's listed above. work will set her dying to meet me. (bs). 1-18-2012 more photo's, going to st. petersburg ...getting paper work from agency. 1-21-2021 in st.petersburg...paper work not ready, couple more days...more photo's. hasn't asked for anything yet...playing this women right back. want to thank you for this site...found it when i googled one of the towns in russia....well worth the price.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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