Scam report about Viktorija Kirowa

First name:  Viktorija
Last name:  Kirowa
Aka:  Yevesjukova Galyna
Age:  25/ 27.08.87
Location:  Sverdlovsk
Address:  Gornaja street 34
Phone:  0038/0505363247
Email:  vitktorija,
On websites:
Report:  I've met Viktorija mite June 2011 on the website Frauenau russia. From the beginning of August we'll talk about e-mail. We have written to us almost daily. It was not a question of money. Mid-September, I visit you in Lugansk for 3 days, you have rented me an apartment, but the price was 185 euros for 2 nights A little high. Viktorija said you have to pass at the University of Lugansk Study and in December the exam. When they parted at the airport in Donetsk I've given you the rest of my hryvnia about 100 . I promise you I'll be back November rent. I have invited you to come over Christmas with me to Thailand. She agreed at once. But you do not have a passport so I've paid you on 6:10:11 with Wester Union $ 500 for passport and German lessons. We exchanged e-mails every day, and mite November I visit you again, but dismahl I have booked a hotel. On the 2nd day she got a phone and started crying, my question to your teacher told you who do not give her to extort 2000 hryvnias You let it fall through the exam, I gave you the money 200 euros. The price at the airport has doubled from the first to the second visit. I was at the airport for your German lessons 400 . I really wanted you to send the ticket but suddenly came to the pass, the faster you get who you Book itself and as a student you have 45% discount So I sent you $ 2,349 on 29/11/2011. And on 29/11/2011 I had to send $ 636 travel money. When I flew to Phuket were plenty of nice e-mails And then the tests would also be moved to the flight and had to be moved I'm your $ 300 at 21:12:12 Skillfully On 21 December I had the last contact that you have the money and now you go to register rebook us for lunch. Unfortunately I have not heard back until today for a while came the e-mails, it is now again but I get no response. Anything else had to be very important with all the money Weisunge Wester Union I took on the Send Yevesjukova Galyna Magistralnayal 91 038 Lugansk because you still do not have a passport and it was your cousin. I Viktorija are familiar in retrospect quite a few things which do not fit, but after that is hindsight. In any case Viktorija is very cunning, I have unfortunately noticed too late that it is already represented on this page Peter Neu! Halten Sie zum ndern der Reihenfolge die Umschalttaste gedrckt, klicken Sie und ziehen Sie die obigen Wrter. Schlieen Google bersetzer fr Unternehmen:Translator ToolkitWebsite-bersetzerGlobal Market Finder Sofortbersetzung deaktivieren

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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