Scam report about Daniela Petre

First name:  Daniela
Last name:  Petre
Aka:  Daniela Nita, Daniela Petre-Nita, Petre Daniela
Age:  24
Location:  Bucharest, Romania
Address:  Street Aleea Livezilor, nr35, bl.5, sc.1, et.1, ap.7, interfon 7,sector 5 Bucuresti 052455 ROMANIA or street Peroni. nr.28bis, ground floor, sector 4 Bucuresti, Romania
Phone:  40786748739, 40722541199, 40762678621, 306971923251
On websites:  instant messaging
Report:  Daniela Petre and Eduard Gabriel Nita perpetrate false romance scams to obtain money. Daniela Petre the wife of Eduard Gabriel Nita, meets men online and will pursue a romantic relationship, the process progresses slowly. She will request financial assistance for her educations and false emergencies. The relationship progresses including visits in Romania where she will stay with you for weeks or days including sexual relations. She will play the act through to the point of engagement where she will disappear near the wedding date. Her and her husband make the majority of communications via text message or internet instant messaging. Daniela Petre will also attempt to get the victim to enter into purchase of an apartment for living once married, yet she is already married. The couple also conducts prostitution of Miss Petre to businessmen then attempts to blackmail them for secrecy. The couple also operate a business named Key Eddy Trading SRL and Key Eddy Trading Ltd which they use to legitimize the cash flow and attract businessmen.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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