Scam report about Esther Asanetewaa

First name:  Esther
Last name:  Asanetewaa
Age:  33
Location:  Accra-Ghana
Address:  America House East Legon
On websites:  Friend Scout 24
Report:  Yes that is indeed a beautiful beast that is already Rapport No. 36 for the lady on your side it has the name Shela Rae. I met the woman on the page Friend Scout 24th Your data after you come from but currently lives in Berlin In Ghana. That seemed very strange before but luckily I am a member on stop scammers, I found the woman quickly Under the name Sandrine. What the woman already has everything done wrong to cheat one! I have invited you to Switzerland for whom the end of March it is warmer, but you wanted to come immediately and demanded 1,200 euros. I've written, I will send your money abroad whom I buy the ticket is only 820 . In response, she wrote, Do not 500 spending money, then I asked for a copy of passport after I got a passport number You get the passport from the embassy until today. Because I wanted to know whether you still need a visa, I inquire of you for a passport has. She said one British, I wondered how does the father from Germany and mother from Ghana and a British passport but I can not copy. On 2 February, I talked with her ​​on skype, the poor woman now has to be true for 200 who have not, I h today by Western Union 200 you could send anything to eat in the evening. When I send her the money did not you broke the kontackt angry I am sending you another 8 pictures from 3 of them I've already found your page. I would like nochmahl them for whom to thank this site takes time and looks up, you can save money Yours sincerely, Peter Odermatt Switzerland 12/06/2012

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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