First name: shela
Last name: rae
Aka: marry waillms
Age: 32
Location: ghauna
Report:     shela contacted me thru As we started writing she said she loved me and was the best thing that ever happened to her. She had told me about how she lived in the us until 3 years of age. As this progressed then she wantwe money for a dress. I sent her 100. for the dress it contiuned fora few more weeks, she said she wanted to come and live but her internet was going to be shut off. So once again i sent money for her. But then I started to try to find out about airline tickets and warnings came up about scams. I typed in the name she gave me and the name shela rae came up > I deceided to register with your company and it was shela. Including all the pics she had sent as well as the supposed to be new dress she was wearing in the pics. Beware She Is Smooth 02/06/2012
Status of report: is still without proof