Scam report about ROSE YAK

First name:  ROSE
Last name:  YAK
Aka:  nancy diane
Age:  23
Location:  Dakar,Senegal
Phone:  +221772066390,+221768703579
On websites: 12.stm
Report:  I am a 19 year old girl,i met Rose on livemocha.I speak English and a little German and so i wanted to perfect my German.Livemocha sent me matches that i would interact with and since she was learning English and German,i sent her a request.She sent me an email and said she wanted a long term business relationship with me,which was uncalled for, and asked me to send her my photo,which i did and she sent me hers.In her next email,she told me about the loss of both parents in a plane crash,her uncle selling all her parents property as she was the only child and her migration to Senegal from Sudan as a refugee and that she now lives in a camp under the UN.In her other mail,she told me about her fathers money in the Royal Bank of Scotland and that she had put me as her representative,such that the money be sent to my account and i,to hers.I then contacted the Bank which said Rose had already informed them about me and that they needed some documents including the power of oat from a Senegalese-based lawyer.I told her about it and she said she got the lawyer by names of Barrister San Hassan,who asked me for US$420.I told Rose about it and said i didn't have the money as a student and that she works it out.She said she didn't have it either and i said i would try.I therefore went against my promise of not letting anyone know about this and told an older friend who said i was dealing with scammers and so shouldn't send any money.With a lot of anger,i visited this website and i need her tracked down though i still reply here mail and calls but keep postponing the transfer to prevent suspicion from her.Otherwise,this is the second week since i have known Rose,but haven't sent any money yet.The phone she uses is for 'Reverand' Mark and whenever i called,i asked him that i talk to her.He then sends for her in the girls' hostel.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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