Scam report about Patricia Craig

First name:  Patricia
Last name:  Craig
Age:  37
Location:  Malaysia
On websites:  senior dating service
Report:  Hello Andrew. How are you doing today? I am not happy today because of the situation of things here in Malaysia. I know I shouldn't be telling you this knowing fully well that we are yet to meet in person, but I've tried my best doing this without telling you about it. The dealers has stopped working on my Gems since yesterday night and I have been trying my best to get this sorted without informing you about it. I thought i have paid for everything but i just found out i will need to pay extra charges after I have invested a lot on this Business. As a matter of fact they have stopped working because they want me to pay in full so that they can start polishing the Gems. Its been an ugly ordeal for me as I have tried all my possible best to get this sorted out but all my efforts has been proved abortive. I even tried to get some of the Antiques I purchased so I can take it back to get a refund but I was told its not possible to do that. I have been trying to raise the funds they asked for. I know it sound silly and weird of me asking you for help at this moment but this is the time I really need your understanding. The total amount i am suppose to pay is $12,000. I have $7,000 cash with me, i was able to raise $3,000 from friends and associates but the balance I need now is $2,000. I have invested all i have on this trip as i have high expectations coming my way but can't reach it now. I will appreciate it if you can loan me and I will refund it back to you as soon as i get to you. I am very sorry asking this from you and thanks for your love and care. Best Regards, Patricia x

Status of report:  is still without proof

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