Scam report about Badrutinova Svetlana

First name:  Badrutinova
Last name:  Svetlana
Age:  25 - 30
Location:  Nizhniy Novogorod
On websites:  Love Agency - Internet Cafe Nizhniy Novogorod
Report:  Good day my loved XXXX! I so am happy to see your new letter! I so love you! I very much wait day of our first meeting. I want it, you knew, That I already am completely ready to arrive to you!!! I would arrive to you Though tomorrow, if it from me, to depend! My love, I was happy, that we could speak on the phone together with you. Because your voice is always very beautiful and brings to me such great pleasure. I understand, that our conversation turns out short enough, but to call to you costs expensively enough. But next time I promise, that I will call to you longer. You said, that number of my internal passport for plane tickets is required. But for the international flights it is necessary to use the international passport which I will receive when you can send funds on Monday. I hope, what you understand me? My love, I only looked yesterday at the internal passport. Because on it passport period of validity has ended. And now I should change it for the new passport. And it will borrow not less than two weeks. And consequently it is a pity, that I cannot receive funds from Western union. It is really a pity, that so occurs. Because I thought, that this week I will receive from you funds. And consequently can do passport and on ther documents. But I have found a way out of a situation. Because I spoke with close friend Natalya. And she has agreed to help me. Because she can receive funds instead of me. When you will send funds on her name we will go together with her in Western Union and we will remove funds. Because I cannot receive now from you funds because it is necessary to receive the new passport. Therefore I hope, what you understand? I send you a full name of my friend: Natalya Kirova. You are right my love, that we can spend our time with February, 17-21th in London. I said to you, that it will be huge pleasure. Therefore you will buy also independently ticket for me. I understand it completely. And also I agree with each point which you have written about our meeting and also it is really for us correct time and rather. I did not call to you the second time, I think, that someone another did a call. I want in cyber cafe which is in the next court yard. But weather now very cold in the street. I understand, that I can write not so many letters, but also I work in usual days. Today we had short day on work and tomorrow I should have a rest. I have the big dream concerning us! Mine XXXX, you have dream concerning us? I want to love you Eternally! I want to grow old together with you. I want, that our relations Were for ever!!! I love you more lives! I want to wish all people Such love! My loved XXXX, I want to tell to you, what even In such pleasant days for us we should not forget about those people, which Never can already love. You know to what I to you it to speak mine XXXX? In our house the guy who has died lived. And now he has been lost. He has been lost on war in the Chechen Republic. In our house Only everyone speaks about it. So it is a pity to me of this guy. War to spoil him And he now never can love a life. To SIMILAR AS I LOVE YOU! We should estimate LOVE always! You agree with me XXXX? Which god has sent this highest feeling to us from heavens. We should touch To this very much yours faithfully. I LOVE YOU! I love you XXXX! I want it, you knew, that I shall never betray our love. I wait your letter soon. For ever yours, Svetlana. WATCH OUT FOR THIS IP (Received: from [] (svetlanapa999@ with plain) Found to operate under other IPs too!!!! see this wesbite - operate under another name Alla

Status of report:  is still without proof

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