Scam report about Marcy Albert Abdallah Isaaq Deerow

First name:  Marcy
Last name:  Albert Abdallah Isaaq Deerow
Age:  26
Location:  Somalia, Senegal, Dakar Catholic orphanage
Phone:  +221778467116
On websites:  4ppl
Report:  Miss. Marcy Albert Abdallah Isaaq Deerow, 26 years old woman from Somalia, father murdered during a civil war, later lost her mother also. Been persecuted by Somalian government and afraid of being killed. Escape to the Senegal where is seeking asylum, currently lives in an Catholic orphanage with refugee status. The next email Miss. Marcy remembered that her country wasn't Somalia but Liberia and escape to the Senegal with the help of the International Redcross. Late father (Abdallah Isaaq Deerow) left a inheritance $11.3 million US dollars, deposited in Senegalese bank and Miss. Marcy is the only next of kin. Due a number of reasons don't have access of funds, needs of foreign assistant to prepare a claim for the Bank and act as the beneficiary on her behalf. The funds will be transferred to an assistant's account. Miss. Marcy take up residence in the assistant's country and would continue with their studies. Assistant's commission is 20%. This is property scam with refugee status.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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