Scam report about Elena Mihai

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Mihai
Aka:  Mila, MilaHoney, SweetMila
Age:  23
Location:  Galati Romania and Birmingham UK
Address:  Feroviarilor Street, number 21,Flat D2, apartment 24, Galati, Romania
Phone:  +40755635152
On websites: (profile now deleted),
Report:  Elena played the part of a young girl from Bulgaria named Mila (user: MilaHoney or SweetMila profiles now deleted). She initiated a conversation (26 February 2011) on She told me about her devotion to her sick mother, the high cost of the treatment and surgery. The conversation only ended at dawn. I fell in love so quickly that I was oblivious to the grooming that followed. At first she asked for small amounts of money that I paid using my cheque account using Epoch. Later she needed money for food and water. She used suicide threats stating that suicide is better than starvation. Their possessions were lost. At this stage we communicated using yahoo messenger, facebook and emails. July 2011. I stopped talking to Elena and wanted to end the unhealthy relationship. She decided to share more about herself and it was exactly what I wanted to hear. Two important events in July 2011: 1. I had a second username and profile on myfreecams that I almost never used. Elena asked to use it. I agreed to this. 2. Elena revealed her identity, phone number, and address. We started regular telephone conversations and I sent money via western union. In August 2011, Elena told me she met someone else. She intended to move to the USA to be with this person. I was upset and wanted to know if she loved this person. She told me that she doesn't love him but she cannot tolerate the poverty in Romania any longer. I was speechless. She phoned me later and told me she loves me and wants to be with me. She said she wants move to Johannesburg immediately. She asked to marry me. She also asked for money to make travel arrangements (passport, visa, airfare). She set a deadline for 9 September 2011 to receive 1500 euro. If I did not make the deadline she would accept the offer to move to the USA. On 6 September I used the username that Elena was using since July. I do not know why I decided to do this. The conversation history under this username shocked me. It was not used by Elena but a person called Alexe. Alexe used my username to talk to Elena. It was obvious that they were lovers, living together. I confronted Elena immediately over the telephone. She told me that Alexe is her cousin, a policeman, masquerading as her lover online for Elenas protection. I deleted the account. Elena phoned, sent many emails, instant messages to convince me. Alexe did the same and told me that he is engaged and will be married in October. He is only looking out for his cousin. I opened a new profile and believed the explanation. I sent 1500 euro at 11 am on 9 September 2011 again using Western Union. The next day Elena ended the relationship. I searched for information online and found an application in the name of Elena Mihai and her husband Alexe Raul Mihai for skilled worker immigration to Australia. The email addresses, city, elena's profession as an accountant all matched. I easily identified Elena and Alexe on the photo in the application and photos sent to me previously. I decided to approach the site myfreecams and confess the sharing of accounts. This is not allowed but to my surprise the webmaster did not ban me. I received a warning. The conversation history showed that Alexe was using the username alexeraul. He was there on the day I met Elena and almost every day since then. The recorded conversations while he was using my account show how they were working together. Alexe fed Elena information. He translated some english terms they didn't know, tried to find info about me online etc. I confronted Elena with my information on 10 September. She confessed and agreed to repay all the money I sent that week. No payment was received. The IP address information showed their location in Galati, Romania until beginning October 2011. The location changed to Birminham UK. I reported the events to the Police in South Africa, Romania, The UK, Australia and the USA (federal trade commission and the secret service).

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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