SCAM REPORT ABOUT  olga zayats

First name: olga
Last name: zayats
Age: 27
Location: Seversk / Russia.
Address: 64 Transportnaya St., apt# 12
Report:     She started contact via mail, looking for a man different from the men of his country. she is tired of having to tolerate men who drink and do not respect women, so she decides to do something else on the internet???. I didn't notice anything strange, because she doesn't appear in any scam site, until suddenly she gets her passport and asked me money for plane ticket, a ridiculous figure, the current international cost. She is very nice, change your look often, but soon she begins to send photos in a bikini, so you can imagine. The end of history, my habit is to play around with them until I can extract information from her without giving too many real data of my life. This is the end.
Status of report: is still without proof