Scam report about Lia or Emma Ryan

First name:  Lia or Emma
Last name:  Ryan
Aka:  Lia 19, Mariam, Tanya, Linda, Karim, Nalia, Nancy, Comfort
Age:  29
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  233244623339
On websites:, CoedCherry, Vivid, SoloGals & many others
Report:  This is a report of a Melody Morrison aka the infamous and active scammer Lia19 aka supposedly 36 living in Ghana and working as an Editor for the Ghana newspaper, Daily Graphic. We have been chatting almost daily on Yahoo Messenger since she contacted me thru a dating site early November of 2011 including some live webcams which ended in early December. She said she needed money for a new computer for the webcams to continue, later $s for internet, a new webcam, and $4,000 US for a Fiance Visa. Her alleged agent Jexel Travel supposedly in Ghana said they process many Fiance Visas in three weeks but he neglected to tell me that the Fiance Visa requires that you meet the Fiance in person within 2 years before the Visa can even be Applied for. I also traced the IP address of the emails he sent me to New York city, NOT Ghana as he claimed. Knowing that he neglected to share this critical Visa requirement I stalled all money requests and our enjoyable chats, photo exchanges and occasional phone calls continued to the present while I supposedly got the Visa funds together. However in early February I confirmed her Lia19 connection and that many of the photos she sent me supposedly current, were from: site, which has 5 pages and many galleries of her photos most dated 2005 and 2006, and other internet sites. I played dumb and said I knew Ghana had many scammers and before I sent Visa money I wanted to see her live on her webcam for one week. This demand resulted in a Wonderful week of entertaining, Live and very sexy webcam performances and strips, most over an hour which allowed me to confirm she WAS in fact LIA 19 from the mole above her left breast visible in many of the Melody and Lia19 photos she sent me. I even asked her about this mole during one of our webcams and she ackowledged it saying it was nothing and a birthmark. After her last webcam performance on 2/15/12 when she was asking me when the Visa money would be sent I confronted her saying I knew of her Lia19 connection and that Lia19 was the source of almost all of the photos she sent me. Surprisingly she confessed and claimed that she had been Lia 19, became emotional, cried for a few moments on her webcam and closed the chat. I was convinced I'd never hear from her again. Much to my surprise she contacted me the next day on Messenger and we had long chat with me asking why she lied to me for 3 months, told me the photos she sent me were current when they were dated 2005/2006 on Lia sites, and details about her Lia19 porn career. She seemed to realize now that I knew about her past, she couldn't BS me further and confessed she didn't even graduate from high school. She said that her boyfriend got her into Porn when she was 19. She also said she was now 29 not 36 as she had told me, and was born in Arizona on 6/6/83. She said left Porn business 3 years ago and moved to Ghana aka Scammer Central, which certainly would be my first choice, from Arizona where she was luxuriously living as Lia 19. Though most of the photos she sent me and I've seen on this and other scam websites were taken 6 or 7 years ago in 2005 and 2006, she still looks great Live on her webcam, with a beautiful face, gorgeous breasts and a sexy trim body. Our 4 months of almost daily chats contained a lot of mispellings and grammatical errors that wouldn't come from someone with PhD in Journalism as she claimed when we first met. This and other inconsistencies caused me to suspect she was a scammer early on. I only made the Lia 19 connection a few weeks ago. I received a flowery email from her this morning that was an exact copy with my name inserted of a love letter on: Earlier flowery emails also were copied directly off the romantic internet sites. I haven't replied to her morning email but I'm sure I'll hear from her again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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