Scam report about Diana Lomonosova

First name:  Diana
Last name:  Lomonosova
Aka:  Svetlana Stremilova
Age:  20
Location:  Kiev Ukraine
On websites:  Hot Russian Brides
Report:  She ask for money and lots of it. She needs money for surgery, rent and a visa. I have lots of emails and photo's of her. I can forward them if needed. Hello my dear. Sorry for me that I could not write to you sooner. I was in the hospital. A few more days I'll be in a hospital run more tests. I was diagnosed. I spoke with the doctor today. He said that I have cholecystitis. I need an operation.There is two kinds of it. 1) They can just cut my abdomen and remove the gall bladder, but I will have a big scar. 2) But they can do this operation through four holes in the abdomen. Surgical technique involves the implementation of four punctures, two of which have a length of 5 mm and the other two have a length of 10 millimeters.I won't have scar after this operation. It costs $ 1081. Period of rehabilitation after the surgery 28 days. For my rehabilitation I need some medicine every day. It will generally be $ 364. My love, I think that it's a shame for me to ask you for help again. That's why I'll take a bank loan for the operation $ 1500.I don't know how, because reference from work is not able now. I'm on probation and my passport is at work now. They can't give a reference, because I work not enough time. I'm thinking what to do. I have several days to operation. This operation won't cause any side effects. I'll be able to live full life withought the gall bladder. It will not change my health in the future.I 'll be able to born a baby for us, if we'll want. Now I live for you.You mean a lot for me and I love youvery much.I hope so much that you won't leave me in such situaion and will get all problems over with me. I have no doubt that we will be together forever.Love you so much. Eternally yours, Diana

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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