Scam report about Angelina Osie

First name:  Angelina
Last name:  Osie
Aka:  Linda Afriyie
Age:  34?
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  +233245306366 ?
Email:  Linda_Afriyie1
On websites:
Report:  well versed scammer, does her research. easy to pick up due to her cut and paste technique. The name she used was Linda Afriyie born in dallas tx, lived the last 4 years in ghana with her mother. I say she did her research somewhat because people search turned up someone by that name born in dallas tx. and had records there till she turned 31...+ 4 in ghana put her at 35 which she says she turned in a few weeks. Also there i someone by that name that attends the university there that she said she was attending. She doesnt give up easy, she told me she loved me in the first or 2nd email...i told her that was impossible and that her whole letter was a cut and paste of multiple profiles on Match. she continues with many letters pleading her love, i answered to see where it goes...5 days in she's ready to move and asking for money for her internet...dont send money, im sure the next would of been passport money...medical. and plane fair. She cannot hold a conversation for anything, just repeats herself which is another tip off..hopefully this helps someone and they dont get taken in. i'm actually going to talk to her tomorrow, end the attempted scam and enjoy doing it. she left the phone # of +233245306366 Im not sure if its accurate, it looks a number short to me.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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