SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Luisa Cristina Mirabal

First name: Luisa Cristina
Last name: Mirabal
Aka: Luisa Maria
Age: 56
Location: Caracas , Venezuela
On websites: Facebook
Report:     She pretends to be a wonderful person, sincere and loyal. Insists that she pays her way. When you arrive in Venezuela, she will arrange to have US$ changed to the local currency, but the money is paid into her account. That is where the fun begins, the card is frozen, the bank disallows withdrawals and all the silly excuses you can think of. Also tries to get you to send money for an air ticket or pay for the air ticket so she can visit and then comes with stories of her aunt and mother and how she is suffering and tries to exploit her victims for money.
Status of report: is still without proof