Scam report about Tatyana Mikhailova

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Mikhailova
Age:  38
Location:  veronzeth
Address:  voronezh st. moskovsky prospectus house 175 ap 22
Phone:  8-951-885-2837 new vornezh +7-(473) new preface
On websites:  aol,,yahoo,,etc
Report:  she has been writing me fo since around feb 6th to today feb 26,,supposedly she of course is in love with me,,,wants to marry..she works at eviorment of tax operation vornezh factories,,she is in moscow now yesterday getting visa,, and had interview today got up at 400am, took 6 hours bus ride,,had embassy appointment ,,told story about how it went,,etc,,said she would pass for tourism,and then went airport,,to get flight,,to detroit mi,U.S.,,,THEN went to internet cafe to tell me and to hotel to sleep she is ver ytired,,she is so happy that soon we will be together he waking up in my arms in bed,forever,,etc,,had meeting with parents, typical scammer thing,,i warned her when she first wrote me ,,that no tickets,, no money transfer and dont say western union!! she has don all finally she asked today for me to buy th eticket after i told her not to ask,,i said if she showsup i will gave her half down her bra!!,,,she doesnt answer any question pertaining ot my family ,,death fo wife ,,momin hospital dying,etc,,she keeps it all about good mood and so happy soon are dreams will become true,,and that she wants love, more than anything lves russia ,her family etc,, but will leave for love and marriage etc,,,she moves too quick ,,as soon as i tell her no the next day she is doing it!! she now wants me to help and send $901 for ticket,,i dint know embassy was open on saturday,,lol,,but not funny..all along i have suspected,,but let her plau it out paint her own doom,,,its sad ,,for she has written about 20 letters,,said she found on a dating site,,,and seems nice,,but i am christian and i started praying,,and then of course the lord took my peace away,,and that means she was blwoing it,,and being exposed,,,,,i told her no money wires,,,at least 3-4 times and for her to bu tickets,,,and also for her not to stay in moscow,,,etc,,,she really ticked me off when she didnt answer my questions,,after she said list them a number of times,she speaks good english,,,,,,she is pretty but not a total ''HOTTIE,,,NO BOOBS,,LOL

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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