Scam report about Mary Selasie Daniels

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Selasie Daniels
Aka:  Maria
Age:  36
Location:  Ghananeither were clearly evident
Phone:  +233249882200
On websites:
Report:  I had been on for 3 days and hadn't heard back from the women i had emailed when she winked at me and we started talking. A few days into the chat on yahoo she pulled her profile off of saying that she felt confident i was the guy she was looking for. Said she was visiting her mom in Akkra Ghana and had been there for approximately 2 wks and was getting ready to come back to the US on the 20th of Feb. 2012. Dad is from England but lives in Italy having a business there. English is nearly perfect but I did speak with her on the phone (always a lousy connection) and some of her words clearly have the Ghanain accent or maybe Nigerian accent. Odd for a girl raised in Sheffield England. She is very well versed on English Premier league soccer and players. She sent me a picture of 'her' at a basketball game and knew the stadium and the team though neither were clearly evident to the casual observer but a friend saw the pic and after looking at it (no players on the court as pregame photo) he said it was the Lakers and it was the Staples Center. She told me that she had dual citizenship in Britain and Ghana and was in the US on a work visa. She said that she was coming home to Downey (where she works as a private chef for 3 families and makes approximately 7k/mo) on the 20th of February but missed the plane because her work visa hadn't come through and she wouldn't have it till Wednesday the 22nd. I told her that I had read about scams in Ghana which she was hurt that I asked, and then she sent me photos of her Medical report, Visa and Police report with her picture on them and they were dated feb. 21, 2012 which was the day after her plane was to leave for the US . Anyway, big problem now because she had to pay to change the ticket -- 30% of the price of the original ticket which was 5k. She was going to ask her father for the money but couldn't get through to him in Italy and she needed $1,500. It was a first class ticket from Ghana to Amsterdam where it laid over 3 hours then went directly to LAX which I looked into and found she had done her homework well as the times and flights were all like she said on KLM air. She aksed me if she could borrow the money and she'd repay me when she got back She claims to have a paternal aunt named Debbie with 2 kids, Johnson 5 and Janet 3. Debbie was raised in London. Mary's

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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