Scam report about Petra Kent

First name:  Petra
Last name:  Kent
Aka:  SGT Petra Kent
Age:  38
Location:  UK, Afghanistan
On websites:  RSVP
Report:  This person was on a dating site stating that she was from a country area of Australia (which gets you interested), she also claims that she is an American and her dad lives in the Wakiki (Rockingham WA area). When I contacted her she claimed that she was in the British Army stationed in Afghanistan she gives a long story of being a widow as her husband was killed in a helicopter crash there and wants to find love. She claims that she hasn't had leave since she has been there. She also will send you some photos of a lady claiming to be her but on closer inspection there are different people and also some of them are quite clearly in American Uniforms not British. After a day or so she claims that she is in love with you and wants to meet you but you have to make contact with her Commanding Officer and apply for compassionate leave for her. After a day he will state that you need to pay 475 pounds to allow her to have leave. She continues with the love notes and how she wants to meet you and be with you. To date I've played along but haven't sent any money as of yet.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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