Scam report about Melinda Wayne

First name:  Melinda
Last name:  Wayne
Age:  35
Location:  London UK
Address:  21 Grove Rd,Mitcham Surrey
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  Melinda Wayne first contacted me from the Ashley Madison site,we exchanged email addresses and began corressponding,this was mid december 2011.The correspondence became increasingly romantic and sexual,on her part and mine.In early jan2012,I sent her a plane ticket to come here.She told me she needed a health cert,cost 470 pounds,i sent that,a day before she was to leave she told me she needed3000 pounds so that british customs new she had enough money in case anything went wrong on her trip.I did not send that.I will continue with this as long as i can but your site has already timed me out once.I have a great deal of other info including pics.My main interest her is to stop this happening to anyone else.To make a long story she convinced me to return to talking to her,and i paid her other small amounts ,for a heater for her apartment for example.then she asked me to pay tuition fees for a nursing course she was taking,3800pounds,which i paid.I have documentation of the account in London that it was paid to,and a receipt which is probably forged.The college of nursing,a part of the university of western london,wher the money was sent have no record of a Melinda Wayne on there books.There is considerably more to this story,I only stopped the relationship March 1.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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