Scam report about Zainab Sophia Dorman

First name:  Zainab Sophia
Last name:  Dorman
Age:  26
Location:  Manchester, UK
On websites:  LavaPlace, MatchDoctor
Report:  Zainab contacted me, again she was lonely and wanted to find a caring man. Supposedly she had just finished nursing school and needed to take the test for her license. When she had taken the test she would come to meet me. She broke a school instrument and needed money to replace it before she could take the test. She was going to the airport to buy airline tickets to meet me, she was in an accident and had to go to the hospital and needed money so she could get out of the hospital. I received emails from someone who was her father telling me he would repay me not to worry. Turns out I sent a total of 1400 and then asked for my money back. I got an email from someone who said they were a Western Union agent and she heard what Zainab said. She wanted to help me. She put me in touch with a so called attorney Anderson Marsh, they supposedly went to court. He needed money, more money. Whole thing was a scam and I just do not want anyone to fall for it. I have plenty of photos she sent me, as more proof of her love and undying affection.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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