Scam report about Faith Benson

First name:  Faith
Last name:  Benson
Age:  23
Location:  Liberia, Senegal, Dakar
Phone:  +221772691429
On websites:  4ppl
Report:  Miss. Faith Benson, 23 years old woman from Liberia. Her father was a wealthy cocoa merchant but was poisoned to death by business partners, she lost her mother already as a child. In some way have ended up as a refugee in Dakar, Senegal. Late father (Mr. Benson Khalifa) left a inheritance $5.7 million US dollars, deposited in English bank and Miss. Faith is the only next of kin. Father had made ​​an agreement with the bank that daughter can't claim to the funds before the age of 27 and needs of foreign assistant to prepare a claim for the Bank and act as the beneficiary on her behalf. The funds would be transferred to an assistant's account and invested in lucrative business. Assistant's commission is 20% and allowance 5%. The assistant should obtain the travel documents for her so that she can re-locate to live over to an assistant and continue her studies. She obtained a lawyer (EQUAL RIGHT LAW CHAMBERS, Bar (Dr) Simon Cowell) to handle the matter. This lawyer firm provide me itemized price specification (to provide power of attorney and the affidavit of oath) which ended in the total 1.930 EUROS, which should have been pay via Western Union within 48 hours.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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