SCAM REPORT ABOUT  jany or vivien wesley

First name: jany or vivien
Last name: wesley
Age: 26-29
Location: ghana accra
Phone: unknow
On websites: be naughty yahoo
Report:     i have tried 2 report this person b4 an you say she is not a scammer i know she is as i made a new profile and was approched with the same thing she loves me and longs 2 make me happy but needs me 2 send money for her flight as she is on service in ghana and does not get paid she as asked me for the same wen i said in worked for the police she suddenley went she as asked me myself for help with mobile fones internet food and computers wen i said she was a scammer she put a male oln the fone who threatened me not 2 speak b2 any of his girls again i asked her 4 her bank 2 pay money in to and she says she dnt have 1 send it with western union or money gram she says she is from america on service duty in ghana she told me she was a nurse and told me as a nother person she was a mining advisor
Status of report: is still without proof