SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Marija Vadimowna Novitskaja

First name: Marija Vadimowna
Last name: Novitskaja
Age: 25 years April, 19th 1986
Location: Tuzhinovka, Region Sibiria
Address: Tuzhinovka Partizan street 2 Russia
On websites: ?
Report:     She initiated contact with me via email, she said I found you somewhere on the net and I don't remember which one it was.We have corresponded since I got her first e-mail March 14,2012. There was nothing strange about her letters but she did not answer all questions I asked her, which now I thought funny! On second to last email she asked if maybe she could borrow some money? She requested Western Union Money Transfer to Marija Vadimowna Novitskaja Russia,St.-Petersburg , Vaneeva street,build 9 flat 27.She said she had some money but her flight from Krasnoyarsk to St.-Petersburg costed so much(about 600$) she said she had about 300 US dollars yet and she would need about 980 US dollars from me, for all travel needs and living there till her flight! No money was sent to her and when I checked her IP address is showed me Portugal and not Russia! That is when I became alarmed! I checked you site and did not find her but think she should be here!
Status of report: is still without proof