Scam report about Julie white

First name:  Julie
Last name:  white
Age:  26 claimed
Location:  Dubai
Phone:  07888936598 claimed
On websites:  yes
Report:  Claimed to be a Vet Doctor working for a NGO in a zoo in Dubair for an american organisation wrote me over three weeks then said she needed to come home to see her sick mother who had cancer...then asked me to pick her up at heathrow sent full details of light and flight number ....she did not turn up but within 5 -hours emaild me to say her credit card had failed when trying to pay her hotel bill....later another email asking for 1400.00 to clear the bill then would join me in UK.....then another pleading if she did not get money she may do something to money sent....only calling her a scammer!! she then sent another long email begging and saying she is not a scammer....pix sent show a stunning woman...last email sent on 18-03-2012 I asked her real name and reply.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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