Scam report about Galina Voronkova

First name:  Galina
Last name:  Voronkova
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
Address:  Lenin's street, the house 6 4, Republic Chuvashia, Kanash city, zip code - 429 330
On websites:  Russian
Report:  Galina Voronkova Here is a picture of a Russian girl that email me thru a dating web site this girl I really like her until one day I found her in another scammers site? It was the same picture that she had recently send me, her email address: and When She contacted me, her name was Galina Voronkova she was 28 years old and from Lenin's street, the house 6 - 4 Republic Chuvashia Kanash city zip code - 429 330 Russia, Her mother Ekaterina She said her father killed in a bus accident 8 years ago She claims to be a Nurse in Kanash but when I contacted the hospitals nobody heard of her lying bitch After six months she start asking me for travel money to be with for marriage I believed her to be genuine but she was just scammer and I fell for her/he lies Letter 72 My love is Peter I am very glad to receive your letter. Thank you very much that you tell me the whole truth and sincerity. You are the one who I think every day. And you're the one for whom I want to marry. You know Peter my main thing in relations is trust each other. I understand you that you're afraid to make a mistake in me and you I still do not fully trust. After all, to trust the person to be with him. Unfortunately we are with you are not together and I can not show you what I really want is to be with you. You're the only person whom I love, Peter you are my dream. I understand you what do you think that I will steal from you your money. But I do not want money from you. I just want you to help me come to you, my dear Peter. Yes of course in this world is ruled by money. But I never took a stranger and I will not do. I do not want a game with you. I want a family and is set for a serious relationship with you Peter. I understand your friends. They are very worried about you and wish you only good Peter. They want you to be truly happy in marriage. And I want to be really happy in a marriage with you, my dear Peter. I tell you this with all my heart and I can not control his thoughts Peter. Are you afraid that I then disappear from your life once and for all after receiving your money. But I do not need this, my Peter. If I had the opportunity to come to you without any problems and I had the money, I would long ago she did it, my dear Peter. I do not want money from you. I do not want your money. I want to come to you and just asked you to help do that Peter. I ask you to trust me my love. I Kiss you tenderl and want you children. Your Special Galina Voronkova Letter 75 Hi my dear Peter. I am grateful to you for help. Today, I got your money. Peter Why did you send me 770 dollars? I asked you to 1270 dollar. My Peter today I was able to pay only for the documents, they will be ready in a week. Now I am left to pay for ticket for me it lacks the 500 dollars. What do I do with this problem ? May be you could borrow some money? Peter, I pray thee, send them to me. I have to pay for the ticket. My favorite, I am so happy that our meeting will be very soon. A week later, we'll spend the evening together, somewhere in the park, walking in the the moon. I am so grateful to you for all you did for me. I love you my Peter and want to marry you now be with you for ever. With love Galina Letter 76 This letter came to me one week later My dear Peter you you understand me? My Peter, I do not have enough money for a trip to Moscow. My love and me will need to use the services in Moscow Internet cafe. I do not know what else could to occur. And I do not know exactly how much need of money. I will need another approximately 850 dollars or 535.477. My love I understand that this is a lot of money. And I can not imagine that we do. My Peter I am very upset. And I'm shocked Peter. I love you my Peter. Your bride Galina Letter 78 My love Peter, I am very glad to write you again. Now I am in Moscow. I went to the embassy and took the papers. Now I have everything on hand, all you need to fly to you. My dear Peter, I very much miss you. You're my favorite person is my Peter. My I very happy that very soon we will be together. My Peter, I love you very much Peter. You're my favorite person Peter. You and I will be very soon a family. My parents very happy that we'll be together soon Peter. Tell me now how your Peter business? I'm all right now is very good. My Peter I am the happiest girl in the world. After all, I have you, my only man Peter. Tell me Peter as your mood today? You glad that we'll soon be together? you glad that we can embrace each other and kiss? I am very glad of it. Now I can not imagine my life without you my love Peter. you are only mine. No one can ever separate us from you. I'm very happy of this Peter. My Peter I told you that I went to the embassy. I was told there that I go to the airport and I will check in, I need to bring money to the custom. I was told that I would have to show money at customs. To the Russian government became convinced that I will not be left destitute in your country. But when I'm with you. I just give the money to you. I'm not going to spend my love Peter. I was told that I need carry a 50 pound per day. It turns out that I need to have three months to carry 4500 pounds. This goes out that cost of living per month is 1500 pounds. My dear Peter I love you very much. I did not know that I need to bring money to show to customs. My love Peter as I fly to you I'll give the money directly to you. My Peter, I understand that it is very expensive. But this is the last step for our meeting with you. My Peter I love you very much. Just think what we'll be together very soon. We see you darling. I will need money to show them at the airport customs. My love Peter you can send the money. I love you very much. I want to always be next to you. I want to kiss you very tenderly my Peter. Only I need you on this earth. I love you, my Peter. I'll look forward to your letter. What is your favorite Galina I did not send any money I told that was bullshit because when she arrived in the UK I would take care of you after that letter I never heard from her again I did write many times but no reply from her again she is I presume shopping in the most expensive stores in Russia and planning a nice little holiday I was thinking after was she a she maybe she was a he but she/he is still a lying bitch, My mistake for not checking the dating scammer first

Status of report:  is still without proof

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