First name: Natayla
Age: 29
Location: Penza
Report:     - Natalya made the first contact....the email initial went to my Spam folder. - she said she got it from a dating website but didnt say which one. - we emailed about 10days. - anything strange - all her paragraphs seem prefabricated and she would only answer the questions i had with one word. i thought this odd as she claimed to be fluent in English. - she didnt ask for money. - it ended by her not replying to me. This girl never got as far as asking me for money. I think she realised she wasnt getting anywhere as I asked if the was a scammer and that I was curious of chatting with her. She never really gave me assurance she was genuine. I asked her 2 or 3 times to give me her full name and address so that I could write to her and post her a proper letter to proof she wasnt a scammer and to build up trust. This info was never received. After sending one email twice and with no reply I believe she realised she wasnt getting anywhere with me.
Status of report: is still without proof