First name: Wayne
Last name: Baker
Age: unknown
Location: Australia
Report:     Hi Lana You are a very beautiful young woman and I have to ask one more time, are you sure the age difference isn't going to be an issue. I really dont want to go through what I have gone through ever again. I wont ask again as I am a firm believer in not dwelling on things and to follow my heart. I really would like to talk more and find out what we have in common, so we can move forward. What are you hoping to happen from here? Do you have anymore pictures you can send and I will try to find more of me. Do you have skype available? Where are you living at the moment, are you back with your parents? I know these are a lot of questions , however I would really like to get to know you much better. Ask me anything you like as well and I will answer honestly. As I have said I am a romantic at heart and really love to cuddle and hold hands. I am not afraid to show how I feel about my partner in public, and really enjoy us time. I love to dance and find a specail peace in music. I am fairly fit and I think young for my age.
Status of report: is still without proof