Scam report about Grace Lucas

First name:  Grace
Last name:  Lucas
Aka:  Bernice
Age:  34
Location:  Ghana, Accra
On websites:,,,
Report:  This girl Bernice originally contacted me on website sighting she was from same area as I was and we began chatting. She couldn`t meet because following week she had to go to Europe to conduct business. Once allegedly in Europe she said that a company she was dealing with has sent her to Ghana. While in Ghana she claimed that her bank would not release funds for her to buy gold or living expenses. She asked for $200 in our third week of talking and asked me to send it Western Union to her agent who was taking care of her while she was in Ghana (Gabriel Amegah). Two weeks later she asked for $500 to tie her over until her bank came through and wanted it to be sent to Gabriel Amegah once again. Two weeks later she said she was coming home and needed help with plane flight and asked for $1000 to help cover flight and wanted it this time to be sent to receptionist at Linus Hotel in Accra her name was Bless Defeamekpor. After that she said she is coming home and asked me to pick her up from airport i waited at airport for 3 hours where she never arrived. Three days later she sent email apologizing saying her bank had released the money and she can now proceed with her business. She the proceeds to tell me she has to relocate to another part of Ghana to purchase gold. She claims now to have a new agent and will need $500 to secure her as her agent and wanted the money sent in her name Selorm Alormene who was alleged aunt of receptionist Bless Defeamekpor. After conducting her business she sent me copies of her receipt, ownership and lab report. She then proceeded back to Accra and said she had to complete customs and pay a shipper $8000 to have gold shipped to Canada. Then she said that insurance would cost her $13,000 for the amount of gold being shipped. This correspondence went on for 3 months up until Sunday April 1st when she said she would email me her flight itinerary along with the shipping documents so I can recieve the gold on this end. I never received an email or never heard from her again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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