Scam report about Humbelita Turkson

First name:  Humbelita
Last name:  Turkson
Age:  34
Location:  Norway, Arizona
Phone:  972-628-0667
On websites:
Report:  from the begining, I thought something was up, could never reach her on the phone. She said she was working as a volintier nurse, unisef. mom lives in Norway, and was leaving to visit for her birthday, so txted me when she was leaving, then 10 hrs later, she txted that she was their? wow 10 hrs later, fast plane! then wanted $1000.00 from me to fly home, i asked how you would fly to norway, and not have the funds to fly home? her reply was she wanted to know how much she could spend on her mom... another lie. Then she gave me a guys name to send the money too? so i ask about this, she said it was her brother of a different name? I questione this, so her mom sends me a email, stating that this was her som... idn then every time i started to to talk like i was done, she would send me another naked photo, trying to keep me interested... i never sent any money, but i'm sure plent have... WE NEED TO STOP THESE GIRLS, THIS IS A CRIME...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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