Scam report about anastasia efimova

First name:  anastasia
Last name:  efimova
Aka:  alexandra
Age:  32
Location:  kirov
On websites:  aol,,yahoo,,etc
Report:  this woman anastasia,,,,she was posted on your site over a month ago on page 59,,i sent addtional pics and reports in!!she was listed as alexandra,,age 34,,,,,,she had the same green dress on that she had in one of my pics,,,,in the same room,,,,,,she sent me over 20 letters plus pics,for over a month,plus going all the way down to going to moscow waiting for passport,,,and all the porbelms tjhere desperation!,asking for money ,,bank wire, etc,,,,,i said no,,,from the beginning,,she also goes by anastasya,...she did the go see director thing and everything,,,,,i sent you guys 4-6 lettters easy,,,,,,,,,,,,,for SOME REASON YOU DIDNT ANSWER,,AND THEN YOU HAVE REMOVED HER FROM YOUR LIST WHILE SHE IS STIL SCAMMING,,,,,,UNDER DIFFERNT COULOUR HAIR AND AGES,,,and she is on the anastasia,,,dream marriage site test porfile page,,,,thats bad.............i reported tatyana milkahova.......too ,,,,,,please post her i resend the info looks liek she is beeen scamming for a long time ,,just no getting caught.....please post her again both surnames,,,and pics,,thankyou

Status of report:  is still without proof

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