Scam report about Alhassan Alidu

First name:  Alhassan
Last name:  Alidu
Aka:  Sandra Gyasi
Age:  33
Location:  Ghana, Accura
Phone:  +233 200471626
Email:  sandra_gyasi2011@yahoo>com.
On websites:  Yahoo Messenger
Report:  Sandra Gyasi contacted me in Jan. 2012 on Yahoo Msg. we talked until first part of April 2012, we hit it off from the beginning and I grew quite fond of her.. At first I just bought her Airtime,Then after a couple of weeks she started asking for money for a Passport and food and I sent her some money threw W.U. After that all she wanted to do is talk about was me sending her money. She avoided my questions, When I tryed to get to know her better. I sent her $100.00 a few times for food and once I sent her $500.00 for internet and other bills.I sent it to someone named Alhassan Alidu who she claimed was her brother witch I thought was strange,she said she lost her ID. then I did some checking up on her and found out her name, Her real name is Alhassan Alidu, her Yahoo name was Sandra Gyasi2011 and the pictures she sent was of a Shela Rae from a web site called Blueyed Cass. when I found out all this I told her to never contact me again

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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