Scam report about Anna Kamarowa

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Kamarowa
Age:  27
Location:  Uglegorsk, Donetsk, Ukraine
Address:  Pushkyna Str 5/12
Phone:  +380952460293
On websites:  Russian Cupid
Report:  We have been in contact since November 2011 for almost 5 months. When she surgested to come and visit for 3 months but never had an International Passport, she neede $396 for Passport. Medical Cover and a Visa, I Sent her The Money Via Western Union In December 2011. I Agreed To Pay For Her Airfair Wich Mounted Another $1023. She Demanded Another $2250 To Be Declared For When She Arrived And Agreed To Give It Back As Soon As She Land In South Africa. I Never Sent Her Any More Money And Came Up With An Alternative Selution. I Discovered Something was Wrong When She Sent Me The Same Email Twice Word For Word the Same Two Months Apart, I Realized That she works Off A Series of Templates And Was A Fake. I Phoned And Spoke With Her On A Regular Basis, About Twice per Week, we Even text Each Other Daily. I Kept Quiet About My Foundings And Carried On Playing Her Game And Try To Get A Copy Of Her Passport From her, She Just Ignore That Subject Every Time. This Woman Is Good And She Makes You Feel Like You are truly The Only Person, She Is A Con Artist Supreme

Status of report:  is still without proof

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