Scam report about Sharon Clark

First name:  Sharon
Last name:  Clark
Age:  42
Location:  Citizen of US, living in Chicago but working in Malaysia
Report:  I was contacted through After many emails in which the scammer professes undying love, I get the following : Baby how are u today? things has been going smoothly for me not until today i am so sad here at the moment the ministry of commerce came to close my counter today and said that i can not continue with the exhibition because when they were checking on my file i did not submit a particular document as a foreigner which i believe i already did now they gave me a fine and i already paid part of it but i still need to balance with the rest of the fine but i can't come up with the balance on the fine Well i have got just about some few weeks left to complete my designs and i am still yet at it. Things are so going slow right now. i spoke to a bank about a loan and it was declined. Also my client who was to pay me said it cannot happen till the next 4 weeks and the money vouchers i came here with can't be cashed here as it is not negotiable i was expecting a good news from both parties in other for me to have enough finances to complete with the exhibition, but it doesn't look like it. I have exhausted all my entire savings and i was not expecting such a huge disappointment right now. So i am just left with few options right now as to what i would need to do. Because i am out of finances right now and i cannot go any further, my job is at risk because if am not able to do the job has agreed on then the contract will be terminated and also i would be loosing the money i have invested in this, so i have been brainstorming as to how to resolve this issue but its kinda difficult when you have few resources to look into or options.sweetie i need your help so i can straighten up things so as to get out of these this shit hole till i can put myself to shape i would owe u for life baby..i have never had to ask for help this way before but this kinda things just happen..please take a chance on me and i wont make u regret helping me..hope to hear back from u soon. Sharon Clark I looked in your site and some of her emails are identical to what was found on this URL:

Status of report:  is still without proof

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