Scam report about Shela Rae

First name:  Shela
Last name:  Rae
Aka:  Hamida Cherish, Hamida Osman
Age:  35
Location:  Newton, Accra, Ghana
Address:  687 Accra Newtown
Phone:  233246184592
On websites:
Report:  Using the screen name Banshen, she contacted me on the KoreanCupid website on the morning of 9 April 2012. She had no picture posted on her profile but was listed as living in Taiwan. She then explained her father was part German and Korean and died of excessive smoking. Her mother was from Ghana and after her father's death they moved back there (although in our lengthier chat on Yahoo! the precise elements and details of the story changed). In any case, she knew very little about Ghanaian current affairs. I Googled Accra and asked her how far she was from a couple of locales and she said not far, whereas in fact they were quite some distance away. After saying she lived in Accra at first, she then said she lived in Nsawam an hour away and had finished her nursing training at Western Hills College. Her story is very familiar to that of a Christiana, who initiated contact with me several weeks ago on FilipinoCupid, and her story was about the same. The precise details of all the inconsistencies in her story are not that important compared to her photo-sharing with me three pictures of a blond-haired white girl that didn't look the faintest AfroAsian, photographed in a house with decor not the faintest African. It was by the pictures on this site that I recognized her (I saved the ones she sent me, and so I was able to compare them with the ones posted here). In addition, she was at first dodgy when I asked for her complete mailing address, and when she finally gave it to me so I could send her a card, she asked for me to buy her an iPod and include it. She also seemed too quick to mention FedEx and DHL. Over the course of the chat, her English went from misspelled words and faulty grammer to perfect writing, almost as if there were really two people taking turns writing back to me (something I have noticed with other scammers as well). In addition, she mentioned a little brother whose pictures she didn't have to show me, and when I asked her whether she really believed I thought those really were pictures of her she sent me and whether she would send me pictures of the real her, she did not deal directly with the topic. At that point, I sent her a few pictures of me, she failed to reciprocate and I shut her down and added her to my blocked list on Yahoo! Earlier in the course of the chatting, I reported her to KoreanCupid, which, after a short investigation of the part of our chat I forwarded to them, shut down her profile. I think whoever is behind her is very prolific and uses more pictures than just those of the ones from website mentioned on this site.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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