SCAM REPORT ABOUT  linda owusu boateng

First name: linda
Last name: owusu boateng
Aka: eugeia nelson
Age: 24 ?
Location: adum kumasi ghana
Address: po box ks 9451 adum kumasi
On websites: skype /
Report:     this girl wantedme to add her as a contact on skype so i did she then started to lure me in she told me she loved me and wanted to be with me forever i was hooked about 5 days after starting chatting with her she said she needed money to pay the internet bill so i sent her some as i was then besotted by her ,she was sending me photos of her all of which you have on file plus more we then move on to wanting to marry me and her to be the mother of my childred ,so she got some costings for me to get her into the uk it was 1250 to get her to me isent her 200 to sort out the passport and a medical report once i had done that our contact slowed she was not available for long m i got worried then a close freind showed me your web site aho there she was linda owusu boateng eugenia nelson
Status of report: is still without proof