First name: Ija
Last name: Jesaulova
Age: 35
Location: Russia
On websites:
Report:     Ija contacted me from a random email. She claims she was given my email address from a International Wedding Agency. My email address is not on any dating sites. So, I let her know up front that money will not be sent to her not matter what. She claims it was nto about the money, but finding true love. I have heard that before! So, I played along for about one week. She claim she was falling in love with me and I told her to take it slow to where this may lead. She said becuase she is finding me so attractive she colud not help but to fall in love with me. After one week...please! I asked her how would she come to the USA to meet me. She told me a story of how she spent her money to go meet a guy in Australia. Once she got there she found out the guy was married. The guy had promised he would pay her way back to Russia is she came to meet him. She siad she had no money to return to Russia so she went to the Russia Embassy for a return ticket to Russis. So, wiht that she would never fly to meet a guy unless he paid for the ticket. I told her no way would I do such a thing. I did not know her! After that the letters stopped coming. I knew she was a scammer!
Status of report: is published in main database with photos