Scam report about Tamara Zhiganova

First name:  Tamara
Last name:  Zhiganova
Age:  30
Location:  Ukraine Sverdlovsk
Address:  kosiora Str 1\26
Phone:  +380669657517
On websites:  Russiancupid
Report:  I have met her via web site russiancupid and have been in regular discussion with her for over a year. A lot of what she said seemed to make sense. She said that She is a dressmaker in a tailor shop at Sverdlovsk and has been studying design at University of Technology and Design in Russia,Voronezh. Her mother works in a medical laboratory and her father is a police officer. She asked me to help her with her last year of study. She needed $1500. I gave her $1000 to assist. Also she has asked for money to pay for her internet cafe costs. I have paid aprox $1,000 for this over the last year. The last transaction she requested was for $550 AUD to help with her to buy a juicer and steamer and also to pay for a plane ticket from St Petersburg to Donetsk on the 13 of June, departs from the airport Pulkovo at 13.45 pm. and arrives to Donetsk at 17.20 pm. This related to a trip that we planned in May 2012 to travel around the Ukraine and into Russia. However when I asked her to discuss directly our plans to travel around the Ukraine on 13 April with a travel agent for Mandry, all correspondence has since stopped. Other things that are now ringing bells to me is that when I asked her to send photos of her Christmas she said that she could not a she did not have a camera. She had given it to a cousin. Also I cannot work out how she worked as a dress maker and attended uni as well. This I could never get a handle on.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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